Occupy Melbourne's Sixth Spokescouncil (Wednesday 25th April, 2012)

Moderating: Kev Moran
Minutes: Teigan Evans

- Connie (Connie Operations)
- Nemo (Overnighters)
- Indi (Web Development)
- Dave (Haymarket)
- Teigan (Scientific Art Situational)

Connie (Connie Ops): I spoke to Food Not Bombs re May Day; they can't be there, but they can donate packets of tofu. Also contacted Doug at 3CR, he will plug May Day on his show.

Nemo (Overnighters): Me & Jonah have been overnighting here since Friday. We're running a free school, at which anyone can teach, and a daily jam session at 3pm.

Indi (Web Development): We've come up with a few plans. We're getting a webserver, so anyone can post their sites on it and host them here in Melbourne. Scott & I have also been making a plan to redevelop the website. Scott is handling aesthetics, I'm handling mechanics.

Dave (Haymarket): Reiterating certain points: we're calling for people to meet up on May Day at the Eight Hour Monument on the cnr of Victoria & Lygon between 10am-midday. We're gonna have a PA on the back of a ute, amongst other things

POI from Kevin: if you have a shitty blank old t-shirt, you should wear it. We'll stencil "MAY DAY 2012" on it.

POI from Teigan: We have an event on FB for the day. We have a website, which is - and we have a FB group, which was created today, "OM May Day Co-ordination", for all OM-associated people to use for co-ordinating plannage for May Day.

POI from Dave: We've got twenty black flags to hand out. Come, and you can maybe get a black flag. For those who can't call in sick and make it during the day, we'll be winding up at the Asia Australia Worker Links rally at the State Library at 5pm - so come then.

POC from Kev: I hear there's going to be a spokescouncil in operation on the day. Will individuals be able to represent themselves at this?

Dave: Yes. Individuals will be able to speak as individuals, although AG spokes will be given more weight.

Teigan (SAS): We are also running a campaign for May Day, based around the slogan "1 Day's Work; 6 Days' Leisure". We have many copies of our "SAMIZDATA" propaganda pamphlet still available, if anyone would like one of those. The text of this is available on our wiki at . The internet is made of cats.


Jonah: We [the OO] need storage in or near the CBD, and a tarp.

Teigan: Occupy Geelong are having a working bee on Saturday. See me for details. Get amongst it.