Occupy Melbourne's Fifth Spokescouncil (Wednesday 18th April, 2012)Edit

spoke council starts 6:18

michael facilitating

stew -> haymarket
tiegan -> sas, citizens media, occupy geelong
thea -> first aid and care


 sean bedlem is mc for the day
  posters made ready for distribution
 reminder to meet at 8 hour monument
 3cr contacted and will plug mayday online 
  kenji will make promo video for mayday

scientific art situationl

  raising awarness for mayday 
  samizeat da

citizen media collective

making logos
working on documentaries
people welcome to join collective.

occupy geelong

 still has space
 having working bee this saturday at 229 mallop street geelong
 og phone  0437729585

first aid and care

difficulties in keeping people together
two more people trained up on first aid
branching out to other activist groups
will be attending mayday.
meeting for working group members this friday
thea, joel are main contacts for first aid


   irenes wharehouse to be packed up.
  trades hall is full atm and wont be available till after mayday, colin has offered space at factory.

  Come to occupy friday!

  Fundraising drink for tommy at collingwood at bendigo hotel tonigt


occupy friday nneds more people to organise it.

spokes council concludes at 6:38