Occupy Melbourne's Fourth Spokescouncil (Wednesday 11th April, 2012)Edit


Moderating: Kenji
Minutes: Indi


Bohemian Butterflies: Kylie
Citizen Media Collective: Scott
Scientific Art Situational: Dan Hayato-Thomas
Occupy Geelong: Moo Kau
Haymarket Collective: Teigan
Sideways Monkey: Sean Meaney
Street Ops: Michael Carlyon "PedoBear"


Bohemian Butterflies:Edit

  • Nothing to report.

Citizen Media Collective:Edit

  • Working on development of OM doco - meeting at 4pm on Friday re this.
  • Working on May Day.
  • Developing a weekly podcast; all welcome to contribute.
  • Occupy Fridays promotional video callout for camera operators, to document OccFri.

Haymarket Collective:Edit

  • Between 10am-midday on May 1, assemble at the Eight Hour Monument on corner of Victoria and Lygon.
  • We're bringing a decorated ute & a PA.
  • Sean Bedlam will MC.
  • We're probably moving on from the Eight Hour Monument around 12:30, depending on the numbers that have gathered.
  • No fixed route; we'll be responsive to circumstances on the ground and desires of those present.
  • A spokes council will come into effect in a crisis situation.
  • Wear an old blank t-shirt.
  • Will be joining Australia Asia Worker Links rally at 5:30pm at State Library.

Scientific Art Situational:Edit

  • Updated site.
  • Samizdata propaganda campaign for May Day.
  • All hail Chairman Meow.

Sideways Monkey:Edit

  • Currently going over & processing thousands of images we've taken of Occupy Melbourne.

Occupy Geelong:Edit

  • OG has acquired a building, landlord is friendly; he likes activists. We can have the space basically indefinitely.
  • Currently working on interior. Has power, water to be turned on shortly.
  • Working on community issues with overnight occupiers group.
  • OG members actively maintaining property.
  • It will be an activist space.

Street Ops:Edit

  • Father Bob is making group calls for "Kids Of The Curb" for future Pedo Bear activities.
  • Recruiting more street walkers , Especially young boys.
  • Money laundering activities actively proceeding.
  • Silk Road website funding many more "Street Smart" activities in association with Father Bob.
  • Contact Michael Carlyon (Pedo Junior) about getting involved.

Spokescouncil concluded at 7:20pm.Edit