Occupy Melbourne's Second Spokescouncil (Wednesday 28th March, 2012)Edit


Moderating: Daniel
Minutes: Scott


Scientfic Art Situational: Indi
First Aid & Care Team: Joel
Bohemian Butterflies: Kade
Haymarket Collective: Kev
Citizen Media Collective: Nick


Scientific Art Situational:Edit

  • Wiki is now online:
  • It's an open group, all are admins and is a useful hub for sharing information


  • Only 3 FACT members have volunteered for the upcoming action: Mayday
  • Helen & Joel compiling survey on why OM has lost members, sent to people that have left OM
  • Lack of congruency and gender politics are suspected to be the culprits, not police/council intimidation

Yikes: is it going out to everybody?

Joel: No, it's only 20 people, 10 male, 10 female, who have left. Bring a critical analysis to the beyond occupy event on April 14.

Michael: What do you mean gender politics?

Joel: Discriminant, dominant, sexist behaviour.

Indi: OM is a verb, it's not on organisation. On survey, nice idea, why they attended OM in the first place.

Joel: One of the questions - Dick Smith has a population cap - if that was enacted, would you keep a male child or female child? Getting insight, biases, etc.

Sean M: We're not a verb, it's not something we do. The public sees us an org.

Joel: In OM, we aspire to listen to all voices. Occupy is what you bring, it's what it is to you.

Michael: It's not a label because that would not be right, we're here to change peoples minds.

Bohemian Butterfly GroupEdit

  • Having lots of fun, had the free shop today, went awesomely
  • Promoting exchanges without money
  • Will be present on Fridays as well
  • Freegan kitchen will be back on Fridays as well

Kylee: Donations welcome, good quality stuff for Friday

Connie: Is non-perishables ok?

Kade: Very ok.

Kev: Can you make sure its on? I brought stuff down another time and it wasnt on.

Kade: It will be.


  • Announced May Day, 1st May
  • Working as Haymarket, not OM. Occupy of course is welcome
  • Developing website and twitter accounts
  • Contacting radio stations, etc
  • Have some more members

Citizen Media CollectiveEdit

  • Looking at doing a collaborate project for a documentary - already had a meeting for it last Friday, speak to Scott or Kenji about it
  • Mayday - reiterating support for Mayday
  • Scott has designed poster to stick around town for Occupy Fridays
  • The forum, now called Occupy & Beyond. Occupy: what happened, what was successful/failed - then a second event, looking ahead to the future. Looking for a venue

Teigan: Next planning meet for OM Doco is 6pm Friday.

Kev: why cant you have it in a park?

Nick: We want it indoors, with whiteboards, chairs, tables, etc. Away from weather, etc.

Indi: I think it should be outside.

Nick: I'd like that, but I think there will be less people. I'm doing the organising.

Kev: Why not have it underneath the Treasury spot.

Nick: Again, for reasons I've stated, I want it indoors.

Joel: It's this affinity groups idea. It's their right, and other groups can either support it, or not.

Kenji: What about at TH, where we had the War On The Internet.

Nick: I think that would be too small.

Scott: I'm going to go to it for the substance of the event, doesn't matter where it is. If you don't want to go, don't go. Simple.

Nick: Drafted a Principles of Solidarity - a mix of drafted declarations and proposals and safer spaces policy. It's not my stuff, it's just a collaboration of items, we should be working on this to collaborate on what we should be working towards.

Kylee: I enjoyed listening to that list. Very inspiring.

Teigan: We're in court this afternoon, back on Friday 10:15am.

David: speaking for Sarah by proxy - may be contacting people for those who got compliance notices, to get their signatures to ensure they show James/Sarah represent a large group of people.

Joel: Media group has a camera, to give to sisters, to document their perspectives ie interview, discussion - we want the sisters perspective for Friday. It will be communal footage.


  • Upcoming action against Apple, calling for support for this.

Jeremy: Bucket going around for Tommy on Friday, to help his family out in Scotland.

(individual randomly abuses group who appears to be intoxicated - Spokescouncil is interrupted for 15 minutes due to this)

Kylee: We need better means for resolving dispute (person who was verbally assaulting group).

Scott: I was disgusted by that level of masculine reaction to it.

Teigan: Don't feed the trolls.