The Occupy Melbourne Spokescouncil meets weekly at City Square to promote joint-collaboration for activism in Melbourne.

Currently, it is comprised of a collection of Occupy Melbourne Working Groups and external Affinity Groups and Organisations. At the meetings themselves, each group nominates a spokesperson who sits at the front of their group - the spokespersons form a circle, and the other members of these groups sit behind in clusters.

Spokes give report backs to begin with, and discussion points organically arise from them. There is a constant flow of process and internal discussions amongst the groups act as a 'time out' from the main discussion, as groups deliberate on matters at hand.

The council attempts to make decisions via a consensus decision making process.

Occupy Melbourne has replaced it's Wednesday General Assembly with a Spokescouncil. They are held weekly, currently at City Square beginning at 6pm. As a general rule, it lasts up to 2 hours, extending by vote if required.

Working Groups

Working Groups are intimately linked in Occupy Melbourne - they uphold the declarations decided upon by the people through General Assemblies and help with particular functions of the Occupy movement, from organisation of online media, events to providing functions for the events themselves.

  • Occupy Melbourne First Aid & Care Team (OM FACT)
  • Media Working Group
  • Occupy Fridays Planning Group
  • Overnight Occupiers Group

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups are closely linked with Occupy Melbourne, many formed from activists who are or were strongly active within the movement, and have formed their own clusters who share similar approaches, techniques and ideas. While linked with Occupy, they are somewhat independant.

Future Planning

  • El 13
  • ARGO

Citizen Journalism

  • Citizen Media Collective
  • Sideways Monkey

Street Medics

  • Melbourne FACT (First Aid & Care Team)

Direct Action

  • MAAS
  • Haymarket Collective


  • Street Ops


Organisations are external to Occupy Melbourne, but see the potential of the Occupy movement to further spread awareness for their cause, as well as a good way to engage in joint-collaboration from other groups. Organisations are generally officially established, and can be anything from political and environmental groups, to not for profits, committees, and so on.