Originally compiled by Dave Hollis.

October 2011Edit

Day 1: Saturday 15.10.2011Edit

Occupy Melbourne, Not Palestine March Occupy Melbourne goes on a march, I had just rocked up when I saw them, I quickly parked my car and ran after them. More video's to come.


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Occupy Melbourne Camp Tour Quick 5 minute tour through Occupy Melbourne camp site. Music by ME! More video's to come.



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Occupy Melbourne Day 1

On Day 1 of Occupy Melbourne, activists set up camp, had their first general assembly, and a section of the occupation marched from the occupation ...


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10-15-11 - Occupy Melbourne Day 1

10-15-11 - Occupy Melbourne We attended around 12:00 pm and stayed till 3:00 pm Wrecked knee. Update...

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First Night

Day 2 - 16.10.2011Edit

OM continues into its second day

Setting up Occupy melbourne and the kitchen.

Speeches from day 2

Melbourne Club Protest

Day 3 - 17.10.2011Edit

ASX stock exchange march

Occupy Melbourne Street Discussion

Day 4 - 18.10.2011Edit

Another tour of the camp

Occupy Melbourne Walk Through

Occupy Melbourne Day 4

Day 5 - 19.10.2011Edit

Karl from 3cr drops by with logistical support.

Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) drops by for an interview.

Why Occupy ? (Featuring the OM banner)

A Message to Robert Doyle

Day 6 - 20.10.2011Edit

The camp is full-interview just before eviction.

Police start Eviction

Police start arresting people in Swanston St

Fenced in.attacked and arrested

Cop Punches a guy.

Mounted Police and capsicum spray

Police on horseback tries intimidating a child

ABC news of the eviction at 1.34 you see Robert Doyle looking down from Town Hall

Ted Baillieu reaction.

Robert Doyle reaction

Police Brutality shown by Herald Sun reporter.

Day 7 - 21.10.2011Edit

Whos streets? Our Streets !

Beginning of violence-Police shove an old lady over who has a walking stick

The police move in

Jamie Kilstein - more police violence

Trampled by horse

John Faine reaction

Week One - City Square (15.10.2011 - 21.10.2011)Edit

Occupy Melbourne - Interviews - Scenes - Photos

Day 8 - 22.10.2011Edit

GA and march against police violence past city square.

Day 10 - 24.10.2011Edit

Occupy Melbourne Before and After

Day 14 - 28.10.2011Edit

Eve of Re- Occupation

Day 15 - 29.10.2011Edit

Marching down to treasury

Occupy Treasury Gardens

Entering Treasury Gardens

ABC News

"Police Brutality"

Cop it Sweet - Official Vid

Ten News

Moving to Bowen Place

Storm Troopers at RMIT

General Assembly at Bowens Lane

Day 16 - 30.10.2011

Eviction from State Library

General Assembly

DAY 19-20

A story filmed in the dark at Treasury Gardens

Part 1

Part 2

DAY 21-4/11/11- No Things Allowed

Stu, Fran and Jesse

A discussion with Yarra Council

DAY 25 - 8/11/11

Federal court case

Day 26 - 9/11/11

Baida Strike Begins

Day 28 - 11/11/11

Kathy Kelly

Dr Hakim

Tower of Power Corporate Scumbag Tour

Part 1

Part 2

Day 29 – 12/11/11

Aboriginal Tent Embassy issued notice to comply

Inspector Bernie Jackson speaks after police rip down the indigenous embassy

DAY 30-13/11/11

Backwards March

Day 32

Solidarity Flashmob - Occupy Coles

DAY 33 - 16/11/11

Russia Today story about Police removing first nations tent.

Day 34- 17/11/11

Free speech marquee removed

MFB called to Indigenous smoking ceremony.

Day 38 - 21/11/11

You are Served

Day 40 - 23/11/11

Police remove First Aid tent.

Ewoks Vs Stormtroopers

Police target OM with sniffer dogs.

Day 42 - 25/11/11

Afternoon Raid

Getting Arrested

White Ribbon day

All fun and games till a mother gets punched

Sam Castro - On her assault by the police.

Day 43 - 26/11/11

Police Raid Fail

DAY 44 - 27/11/11

Sam castro - They took a mattress

Mattress raid

Day 45 - 28/11/11

Move to Gordon Reserve

Day 50 - 4/12/11

TentMonsters are born at Flagstaff Gardens

Day 52 - 6/12/11

Sara gets tent cut off her body.

DAY 53 - 7/12/11

Kenji Arrested

Liam Arrested and stripped of his tent.

Day 54 - 8/12/11

The Baron arrested for wearing a tent.

The Shove- Police Lash Out

DAY 55 - 9/12/11


Teddy Bears Picnic

Day 56 - 10/12/11

World Human Rights Day

End Rape Culture Mic Check

Day 74 – 28/12/11

Mic Check the Mayor

DAY 76 - 30/12/11

OHAI DERE! Robert Doyle!

DAY 80 - 2/1/12

OM at the Town Hall

Back in City Square

Taking back the triangle

DAY 87 - 9/1/12

Amanda Palmer

DAY 98 -20/1/12

Scott Ludlum at Occupy Friday

Jacob Applebaum at Occupy Friday


Mic Check Drone Forum

The meeting disruptors



Derail the bullshit train

TPPA protest day 1-3-12

Occupy Vs TPPA


Peter Mitchell Interupted

Photobomb Channel 7

Sam Castro interview about the photobombing.


Cocktail party

TPPA Final Day

18-3-12 First Spokescouncil

Progress here-