"May Day, part of a storied tradition of labor organizing elsewhere in the world, has yet to catch fire in America. This May 1, Occupy Wall Street is ready to change that.

May Day represents the long and brutally repressed history of the worker’s struggle for dignity, equality and fairness. The general strike is the most powerful tool we have inherited from the organized labor movement, a tool designed at its inception as a vehicle though which the boldest of revolutionary dreams can come to fruition. So fitting, then, that in this year of continued upheaval and global revolt, we see these two histories joined as one.

On November 17, Occupy L.A. and Occupy Long Beach issued a joint call for a nationwide general strike, to occur on May Day 2012. Over the course of the last few months, general assemblies in New York, Oakland, Tampa, Minneapolis, Boston and dozens more have adopted the call. Occupy activists around the country are now organizing for a national day of complete economic noncompliance."

From Occupy Wall Street Bridges May Day Divide - article from

Occupy Melbourne is committed to bridging together the various actions taking place for May Day and promoting joint-participation and collaboration from activist groups for full effect.

This is going to be a pressure cooker of activism across the world as well as here in Melbourne. There are literally dozens of actions from various activist groups currently being planned on.

Expect us on May Day, it is the Occupy Spring.