Saturday, July 16th, 2012. 4pm @ City Square

Point Of Process (Teigan): Do we have quorum?

100% consensus that General Assembly does not have quorum.

Report BacksEdit

Secretary WG

Jeff Pyro: I have been tabling proposals. 10 down, 55 to go. No contradictions or problems yet. Once mapped out, will bring to GA.

Teigan (POI): If you need help, please let me know. Also, great job.

Chris (POI): How are they compiled?

Jeff (POI): They are on


Teigan: As you probably know, I do an overnight occupation each Tuesday, 7 people overnighting - new record for this overnighting type of action. 9 people down including 5 police to deal with 3 tents. Tried to steal Scott's powerpoint and call it stolen property because they cannot use the "things" by-law which we made a mockery of in court.


MAAS Assange Action

Jeff: Decision to extradite Julian Assange to Sweden - MAAS had action last night. Been under house arrest for 2 years, no actual charges.

Scott (POI): Sam and Sean tried to get into the Consulate to deliver some documents (one a letter from Julians mother) and also be placed under house arrest. Reasonable turnout and we occupied the area outside 90 Collins Street for several hours. There's another action July 1st and another one for mid July.

Teigan (POI): This is an important issue for OM.

Jeff (POI): They were shut down by an AFP who was speaking on behalf of the British Consulate - is this legal?

Refugee Rally

Teigan: Refugee midday at State Parliament tomorrow at midday.

Camp CHAG @ Toolangi

Teigan: Camp CHAG @ Toolangi. Various occupiers regularly up there assisting. There was a mass arrest of 30 people who were trying to prevent the logging.

Scott: Getting a lot of press (for what it is) and many environmental groups are getting behind this action.


Jeff: Fracking appears to be on the increase in Melbourne. An action against Exxon Mobil would be a good idea. Thanks to the Herald Sun for this information!

Occupy Melbourne Reflects

Teigan: Date has been June 27th 5:30-9pm at Gopals. Coggo has put some money up to print a poster Nick has made. Volunteers welcome to do a poster run. Wheelchair access should be available (due to a lift). 3 planning meetings made so far and there should be another one before but this has yet to be set. There will be a professional moderator (Holly) - this is a very important event.

Video Camera at Ross House

Teigan: Ross House has a video camera that belongs to someone who occupied.