Scott - Occupy Fridays: Enacted a phone tree yesterday, didn't follow through with it. In summary; wanted people to bring along milk crates (whatever you can carry)

  • Have the crates lined up against the stage, for newcomers and passers by to have a seat available.
  • Could use the crates for sectioning off discussion circles as well loosely.
  • Use the crates creatively to make structures - as an example, a giant OM or OCCUPY made in 3D.

Teigan: Low turnout yesterday, compared to weeks before.

Warren: Don't panic because numbers are low - due to various factors like weather.

Colin: What about moving Occupy Fridays to Saturday

Teigan: Should be a proposal

Warren: Discussion about Irenes - 1 week overdue.

Scott: Should make an event on FB for getting awareness - and people to help out transporting items.

Teigan: We have this habit of pissing people off, using space as a dumping ground.

Warren: It's been a 2 way thing - they pissed us off too.

Colin: I can store all of the stuff - have enough space. Most of the stuff from Trades Hall is now in the back of my ute.

Teigan: Trades Hall is good, centrally located.

Warren: We could get a trolley.

Teigan: Could go to Irenes now after this to sort it out.

Colin: I will contact Jacob to arrange something.

Carl: Emphasis "all welcome" as a slogan for GAs, Spokes etc - a talking point - to get people aware that anyone can join, or rejoin.

Working Group ProposalsEdit


Individual ProposalsEdit

Teigan: That OM support Carl Scrase as Mayor of Melbourne.

Carl: It wouldn't be an Occupy initiative.

Teigan: Yes, but it would be something OM supports and can offer support to.

Colin: Well there was the media article about Carl taking grant money and not producing an 'acceptable' amount of artwork for it.

Carl: It will have a strong direct democratic approach. Transparency, communication and rhythm.

Strong support - 1 dissent.

Sebastian - I need to know more about the project itself.

Scott - it's not a project in a sense, it's about the community engaging in direct democracy to get involved. It'll be whatever we want it to be, in ways we contribute.

Carl - we can definitely engage in more discussion about this. I hope we can build trust, and you can trust in others who trust in me. Zero dollar campaign - no donations. It's people powered.

Warren: Who offered funding?

Carl: The art community here in Melbourne.

[some summarised points Carl made about the campaign]

  • Also businesses get 2 votes, people on get 1.
  • Jeff Kennett brought it in.
  • Doyle has reannounced he's going to run
  • Greens are going to run
  • Labor will run someone to strip votes from Greens, as a means of consolidating left voting power.

Teigan: Would like you to run a workshop next Friday?

Carl: 5pm - Occupy Politics Workshop