55th General Assembly of Occupy MelbourneEdit

Saturday 7th April 2012

Moderating: Thea Kingett

Minutes: Teigan Evans



- Media WG (Scott): There's now a wiki for the Spokescouncil, on We're going to put the Spokes minutes on that, and probably the GA minutes also. Unlike the website, it's pretty safe to give out access. There's a few people: Daniel Hayato Thomas, Kenji, Teigan, myself, Joel Hynes who will be on that. It'll hopefully make for a nice knowledge base. In other news: has been launched, and it's great.

- Script Kiddie WG (Indy): It's basically just me, but if anyone else wants to join, get in touch. All you need is some programming experience. It's a long-term project to try and create an online hub for activist groups in Melbourne, to document which groups exist, and who to contact in relation to them. It's basically just a Facebook thing at the moment, but there's lots of potential. It's not exclusive to Occupy. Also please note: I'm not good at making anything pretty, so help with that would be good. I'm using Drupal, version 7.

POI from Scott: Talk to Joel Hynes about this. Also, I know someone in Canada who speaks Drupal who and might be interested.

- Court Case reportback (Jason Emgee): Day 7 of the court case occurred on Thursday. It's fair to say the court case is going very well. [Some details & discussion redacted.] The Attorney General's department have made their submission. The police are next. The next session is on Friday May 4th at 10:15am.

- Spokescouncil reportback (Indy): There's still a lot of confusion about how the Spokescouncil is supposed to work. Next time we're going to make a bit more effort to organise it, especially physically; have people sitting in the right place & so forth.

- OccFri reportback (Scott): Yesterday's OccFri was small due to the long weekend, but good. I wrote a long piece of text all the way down the front of the Square about rejecting nationalism. I'd like to build on this whole idea for May Day. [Support for this.]

POI from Jason: Don't burn flags, obviously.

Scott: No, there are no plans to do that.


No WG proposals.


- "Occupy Melbourne supports and offers any assistance we can to the staff-and-community-run Kilkis Hospital in Greece." (Proposed by Simon Gibson.) (PASSED)

- "The time of the GA on Saturday be changed from 6pm to 4pm due to winter and the end of daylight savings." (Proposed by Teigan.) (PASSED)

POI from Indi: We need to find an indoor space for the GA.

- "We approach Trades Hall and ask them for space for the GA and the Spokescouncil." (Proposed by Simon Gibson.) (PASSED)

POI from Thea: I will do this.


No announcements.